Bright Young Things ( Saturdays only)

Bright Young Things is our shorter, 90 minutes fun session for younger children. It is designed to give 5 & 6 year olds an insight into the exciting world of drama, singing and dance. 
Each group is kept small to give every one of them their chance to shine!

Our Bright Young Things also perform twice a year. They join our main school for the Christmas Show, and perform their own end of year show for parents, family and friends.

Due to time restrictions and suitability of workshops the industry professionals do not take workshops with our Bright Young Things, but these are some of the things they can look forward to if they decide to join the Main School when the time is right for them. Obviously if we are approached by a Casting Director looking for younger children, with your permission we would help them to audition for professional work should the opportunity arise.

Fees for Bright Young Things are £9.50 a week, Fees are payable either monthly across the year or termly in advance. We are now taking reservations for our new school year in September,  please contact us for latest availability.